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All the best, Sachin Tendulkar!


All the best,
Sachin Tendulkar!

”There is a lot to discover after retirement”

Michael comments on the retirement of Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar:
As a sportsman with a long active carreer as well, I think I can judge what it means to be around as many years as Sachin Tendulkar is, and I can only express my biggest respect for his achievements. We have met several times in Italy and India, and even if admittedly I was not – and still am not – very firm in the sport of Cricket, I am fully aware of how many people around the world are. Having retired a bit earlier than him, I can also tell him that it is something he can look forward to – there is just so much to discover, as finally there is time to do so. I wish him all the best.